Terms of participation


“Semiology – Autumn 20-21

1. The present competition is organized by the company "LA STAMPA MON/PI EPE" within the management of the official page of Semiology.

2. Anyone with a permanent residence in Greece can take part in the competition, as long as they have reached the age of 18 and have full legal capacity. Employees of "LA STAMPA MON/PI EPE" are excluded, as well as their first (A') and second (B') degree relatives.

3. On the first working day of the following month, a draw will be held for the participants of the competition and 5 lucky winners will be selected who will win a €200 gift voucher for purchases at La Stampa & Semiology stores. The winner will be notified in the information he has left us in his participation application.

4. To participate in the competition, a product purchase and a total receipt of €60 are required.

5. Anyone interested, in order to take part in the competition, should, after shopping at a La Stampa or Semiology store, visit the page www.semiology.la-stampa.gr where they can participate by following the instructions for the steps below :

• To complete his complete information, in the application accepting the conditions of the competition

• Press "TAKE PART"

6. Contest winners: The winner of the contest will be selected through an electronic lottery that will take place on the first working day of the following month at 1:30 PM at the company's offices at Ko 10, 14452 in Metamorfosi.

7. The competition has as a prize (gift) for 5 lucky winners a €200 gift voucher for purchases at La Stampa & Semiology stores.

The winner will be notified by email, phone number on the mobile number provided in the relevant application. The company will try to identify the winner for 5 business days. In the event that they do not respond to the email, or to the phone within the specified period of time, the winners lose the right to receive the gift. The attempt to notify winners will be fully proven by simply confirming the sending of the e-mail. The company bears no responsibility for fruitless attempts to notify the winners of the prizes, especially when these are due to non-response to their contact information, as they have stated. Under no circumstances will the prizes be redeemed by the winners in any other way than the above agreed gift. The gift is personal, not transferable and not exchanged for money or other service or products, not assigned to relatives or third parties or replaced. It is expressly clarified that by participating in the contest, participants grant the right to the company "LA STAMPA MON/PI EPE" to use their personal contact information for sending information material.


8. The company will inform: (a) all participants in the Contest about the details of the provisional winners, by posting these details on the Website and in particular by posting only the User Name of the winners and not any other personnel given them and (b) the winners of the Competition, by sending a relevant email. Through the above communication with the winners of the Competition, the Organizer should collect their minimum necessary data, in order to take all the necessary actions for the delivery of the Gifts to them.

In the event that it is not possible to contact any winner of the Contest despite the fact that their details have been posted on the Website, they did not contact the company for any reason (including accidents and force majeure) within the above time frame period, or in the event that at any point in time it is determined that his participation was invalid or he refuses to provide the above information or does not provide it for any reason within the above period, this person permanently loses his right to the relevant Gift and the company is entitled to dispose of the gift at its sole discretion.

"Valid participation" as defined above, means any participation in the Competition for which the following applies cumulatively: (a) it has been formed in accordance with the present conditions that have been posted on the Website and does not contravene the applicable legislation, morals and in public order, (b) has been submitted in accordance with the procedure described in article 4 above, (c) is not, in the judgment of the company, itself the product of illegal technical influence on the Organizer's systems or fraud in general or unfair interference by the participant or a third party and (d) has been submitted and registered in the company's systems, within the time period from the Start to the End of the Competition. In particular, if it is established that any participant violates or there are reasonable suspicions or even simple indications that he is attempting to violate their network, system or software by illegal actions, his participation in the competition is immediately canceled and the company reserves the right to report the issue to the competent authorities authorities and seek compensation from the competent Courts for any positive or collateral damage they will have suffered from the above actions.

9. The company reserves the right to extend or reduce the duration of this Contest only for reasonable cause, with a relevant announcement at https://www.facebook.com/semiologyfashionofficial and https://www.semiology.la-stampa. Gr.

10. Participation in the competition requires access of the interested parties to the internet (internet) with their own technical means. The Company bears absolutely no responsibility if for reasons beyond their control or for reasons of force majeure (indicatively, problems or technical malfunctions of telephone networks or lines, online computer systems, servers or providers, computer components, software, non-sending or receiving data due to lack of available space or due to technical problems or congestion on the internet or any website or due to a combination of these events, interruption of connection to the internet, as well as attack by computer viruses, malicious or illegal actions or interventions of third parties, fraudulent actions) delay or the sending of information made in the context of the competition fails.

11. The company informs you that it will process the personal data of the Contest participants, in the sense of Law 2472/1997, for the sole purpose of conducting the Contest, selecting the winners and awarding the Gifts to them.

12. The company has the right to withdraw or cancel the competition or to change any condition, prizes and deadline of the competition by announcing them on the page https://www.semiology.la-stampa.gr or https://www. facebook.com/semiologyfashionofficial on Facebook without being obliged to make reference to a specific reason but only at their absolute discretion.

13. Participation in this competition implies full knowledge of the detailed terms of participation as well as constitutes unreserved acceptance of them.

The conditions of participation in the competition have been posted on the website https://www.facebook.com/semiologyfashionofficial and https://www.semiology.la-stampa.gr and each participant is entitled to receive an exact copy of them at their own expense.

The courts of Athens shall be competent for any issue directly or indirectly related to this Contest.

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