We are Semiology , a Greek fashion brand that believes that well-being is the most important value in life.

The company was founded in 1986 as La Stampa by our CEO, Ms. Eugenia Vamvaka, in 2020 our brand was renamed to Semiology which better describes what we do.

Inspired by the science that studies the signs, we create patterns for more personalized expression and lifestyle.

Embracing the slow fashion trend, we produce clothing based on natural fibers, soft touch and skin-friendly fabrics. All our products are manufactured in Greece, ensuring quality in both production and distribution.

Every design and pattern can highlight femininity regardless of age, regardless of body shape.

Our client is the woman who loves creativity, wisdom, a sense of adventure, joy and lives life to the fullest. She finds in Semiology comfort and elegance, two necessary elements to be herself.

Today, we design and produce two series: Semiology and La Stampa (exclusively for large sizes).

We are active in a retail and B2B network in Greece, as well as in many international markets in Europe, Asia and America.

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