Why semiology?

Why are we changing the brand?

Because after 36 years of creation, production and presence in Greek and foreign fashion, we grew , matured and decided to choose a name that characterizes what we do and strengthens the Greekness of our company.

Why semiology?

Because "semiology" is the science that studies signs and systems of meaning.

Our own system of meaning and reference point is the way we think, understand, plan, operate, communicate, live !!!

Our collections consist of clothes that make us feel good about ourselves, comfortable for many hours during the day and relaxed in different situations.

We prefer and choose to design clothes that are modern and at the same time timeless, made from natural materials, friendly to our body and the environment.

Easy-to-wear, versatile clothes that can be transformed with the appropriate accessories and easily combined with the rest of our wardrobe.

Equally important in our system of importance is the ease and practicality of caring for our clothes. So, almost everything is machine washable, making our lives more relaxing.

It is important for us that the clothes in the whole range of their design and production respect the work ethics and observe the rules of the sustainability of the environment.

For all these reasons our new name is "semiology" .

for the respect towards the Greek language,

for the Greekness of our company,

for the system of values ​​that characterize us,

for the semiotics of "well-being" and fashion which is our strongest point of inspiration and contact.

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